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Thursdaytalk - hottest topics on the cocktail circuit

Published:Thursday | April 22, 2010 | 12:00 AM

  • Know your role, minister

1. Some say the minister seems a little confused as to just what exactly is his role and that of the director, and this, they say, explains why he is constantly usurping the role of the director.

  • Stick, stamp, stick!

2. It's the only joke on the cocktail circuit, it's called the case of the non-stick stamps!

  • Really, now!

3. Quote of the week: Tell the 700+ and counting former employees who have been restructured out of their jobs what a smashing success the JDX has been!

  • Time for the next level

4. Observers say that those around the star have been derelict in their duties for allowing the stalker to get that close to him. Now she is telling all and sundry that the two are an item, with plans to make it all permanent.

  • High roller indeed

5. At least one official car has been the designated transport for the 'sweetheart' as it picks her up at the start of the working day each day and twice on weekends.

  • All in the making

6. Colleagues and peers say the writing was always on the wall, and the reasons she was not elevated earlier was due to the fact that all internal assessments saw her scoring less than the expected average. Now that the chickens have come home to roost those same colleagues are asking: "What did you all expect?"