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Porn aired on Disney

Published:Friday | April 23, 2010 | 12:00 AM


Children watching the Disney Channel in Chile were offered a startling adults-only peek at Playboy programming this week because of a technical error, media reported yesterday.

And the glimpse they caught went a long way beyond Playboy's bunny logo romping around on a channel normally reserved for Mickey Mouse and friends.

"My eldest daughter told me one of her friends said to put on channel 21 (Disney), and instead of the usual programme there was the Playboy channel. Luckily, my smallest one, 10 years old, was sleeping at the time," one Chilean mother, Jacqueline Orchad, told the daily El Mercurio.

Another mother said: "My daughter showed me the TV and said 'look, mommy' - and I almost fell off my chair."

The cable company responsible, VTR, said the mix-up occurred only in the northern city of Antofagasta, and only for a few minutes late Tuesday.

It said the channel switch happened inadvertently while technicians were updating the system.


A member of Chile's National Television Council, Hernan Chad-wick, raged: "This is unacceptable. This is a grave mistake."

He demanded that VTR make up for the error by "giving an explanation to parents."

It is not the first time Playboy has turned up uninvited on children-only channels.

Last month, Time Warner Cable in the United States had to apologise after it put out restricted porn on children's television for two hours in the state of North Carolina.