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Published:Saturday | April 24, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Chris and Renea.
Jason Ashman (left) and friend André Cunningham.

PR manager Chris Campbell and publicist Renea Wright are the promoters of Village Fever, It's A Single Lyme. Both took some time out from their busy schedules for a fun-filled night and were willing to share insights on their friendship.

What is your favourite thing to do together?

Chris: We like hanging out together or just going to the movies.

Renea: I love cuddling with my boo.

When was the last time you both had a fight?

Both: Last night.

If you had to give up something that is most dear to you, to help your friend, what would it be?

Chris: Money, or even my life.

Renea: Nothing comes to mind.

Where do you see your friendship five years from now?

Chris: I see us being stronger than ever.

Renea: Our friendship would have grown in strength and being more secure.

Friend Cam had the opportunity to rap with André Cunningham, a collection officer, and Jason Ashman, a systems control coordinator, at the Village Blues Café.

What is the favourite moment you both have shared?

André: The Wet 'n' Wild party in 2009, Dreams Weekend in Negril last year summer, and the Amazon Fever Pool Party.

Jason: That would probably be at the Amazon Fever Pool Party.

Is there anything that could come between your friendship?

André: Nope!

Jason: Nothing comes to mind, he is my brother.

What advice would you give to your friend to encourage him in the future?

André: To keep the faith, put God first and to remember his family and friends.

Jason: I would advise him to stay focused and stick to his roots.

When was the last time you both had a heart-to-heart talk, and what was it about?

André: Less than a month ago, we reasoned about relationships.

Jason: We reasoned on some girl issues and just how to go about sorting out some general problems.

- Kemesha Parkins