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Flair Mailbag

Published:Monday | April 26, 2010 | 12:00 AM
  • The soloist - Another look at wutless man

Hear, hear. I agree, too many women are raising men to be soft and spoilt and I shudder to think what will be out there as a companion for my daughter when she is all grown up - a man who can operate a cellphone but cannot live without his Xbox or assemble a baby crib.

- nikkicw

  • Great article!

Gender stereotypes are definitely part of what is holding Jamaica back. What is so 'weak' about fathers telling their sons that they love them? It is important for their self-esteem. All these gender insecurities are extremely damaging.

- Jamaican Expansion

  • Laws of Eve - Is pepper spray ok?

Informative article and I am sure it will be beneficial to readers.

  • Kelly's world - I ain't no man

Interesting read. The stereotyping in Jamaica runs deep and it is fuelled by how richly integrated in our culture dancehall is. Every man "haffi go hard uzeet mi daaadi" :) Well I am a full man and I love my son dearly. Until we have stronger role models, I am afraid our ideas on becoming a man will always be slightly skewed. Good job the Flair always has great stuff.

- D