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Speak out!

Published:Tuesday | April 27, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Shauna-Dean Walters
Vivian Nelson,
Keisha Graham

  • Shauna-Dean Walters, Store supervisor

I think Government and the police need to do more and the people need to get involved, too. People are not talking because they are scared. I don't think the Crime Stop thing is working. I think if the police form a bond with the communities, maybe forming police youth clubs, because it's the youth who are committing most of the crime.

  • Vivian Nelson, IT technician

The crime situation is extremely bad, it is scary. The police might be trying but the Government is not doing enough to get the crime situation under control. They need to get serious and implement whatever measures are necessary to get the crime under control. I firmly believe the Government knows who are top players in the crime situation and they should start putting pressure on those at the top end, not on the small man.

  • Keisha Graham, Store supervisor

The situation is really bad; neither the police nor the Government are doing enough. They need to lean upon God and ask Him to direct their paths