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Collar crime now - MAJ

Published:Tuesday | April 27, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Media Association Jamaica Limited (MAJ) has called for defining steps and robust action to be taken to tackle the huge crime problems facing Jamaica.

The group, representing media organisations, was responding yesterday to the murder of Mark deFreitas, son of Gleaner Overseas Publications Editor Paget deFreitas.

"Young deFreitas is another of the country's youth deprived of realising his full potential in a country that has so much promise of good, but which is over-shadowed by ugly violence," the MAJ said in a statement released yesterday.

"For the sake of all Jamaicans, we must act now, act together and act decisively to halt the drenching of our land with the blood of our people."

Woman escaped unhurt

Last Friday, the younger deFreitas was reportedly standing beside his Honda Civic motor car on Montgomery Drive in St Andrew, speaking with a woman, when two men rode up on a motorbike and opened fire.

DeFreitas died on the spot after being hit multiple times. The woman escaped unhurt.

The MAJ said the killing of Mark deFreitas has reminded media managers and media workers in general that while they report the news of murders across the island, no one, including those within the industry, was spared the trauma, the grief and the loss these killings bring.

"Very often, members of the public think the reporting of crime and violence is something people in media glorify and are happy to do," the MAJ said. "However, we know that we are not immune to the violence, and instances like this one remind us that we are all as vulnerable to the onslaught of criminals as any other Jamaican."