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What's next?

Published:Wednesday | April 28, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Today in busy morning traffic on Tom Redcam Drive, I was horrified to see a young man sitting on a wall on the sidewalk masturbating away to his hearts content - right in front of Alvernia Preparatory School with several other educational facilities in walking distance!

Thankfully, my children had already been dropped to school, but what about those who were still to pass?

A few months ago, I turned on to Dominica Drive in New Kingston to be faced with a women bent over with her skirt pulled up over her back giving me and passersby a very graphic view of her defaecating onto the sidewalk, wiping herself off with newspaper!

Not a day goes by without us seeing grown men shamelessly urinating on sidewalks in full view of all and sundry and people opening their car doors to spit out mucus! What a hygienic town we live in, Mayor McKenzie?!

So just what will greet my eyes next week? I shudder to think! But does anybody care? Maybe I am the only one shuddering?

I am, etc.,

Tracey McNair

Kingston 8