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Whose interests, Mr PM?

Published:Wednesday | April 28, 2010 | 12:00 AM


Prime Minister Bruce Golding is slowly but surely losing the moral authority to govern Jamaica as the 'Dudus' fiasco continues to occupy the minds of all well-thinking Jamaicans.

One is left to wonder if Prime Minister Golding is the same person who fled the Jamaica Labour Party years ago, citing a turnaway from garrison-style politics.

Is this the same Golding who, as Leader of the Opposition, rightly lambasted then Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller for her prolonged silence on the Trafigura affair, although the Dudus matter is arguably far more embarrassing and has far more serious and detrimental repercussions to the Jamaican people?

How is it that someone who came to power largely on the wave of honesty and decency could have had their moral authority eroded in such a relatively short time?

When one reaches the state where the integrity of his or her leaders is questioned to the extent that much of the foreign press are now questioning ours, it is truly a sad state of affairs and can be very destructive to us as a people.

Golding must come clean

Golding must now cease the theatrics and come clean on the entire Mannatt-Dudus affair in light of the emerging facts. He should realise that there is the risk of his Government toppling and what little credibility it has left could be undermined if he does anything less.

Golding's current alignment with the very garrison-style politics that he claims to have left behind when he came "from river bottom" is an absolute disgrace and can be said to border on treachery and treason against the Jamaican people.

Come on, Mr Prime Minister, it's not too late to do the right thing, unless of course there is something else that you are afraid of. While I no longer expect better of you (although I was one of those who voted for you in 2007), I demand better of you as my prime minister! Remember, it is you who proclaimed yourself to be our Chief "SERVANT". The question now to be asked is, whose interests do you really serve?!

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