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The media must do their part

Published:Wednesday | April 28, 2010 | 12:00 AM


I am so sad about what's happening in my country. I am ashamed of those who we have entrusted to govern. They have tricked us like wolves in sheep's clothing ... nothing but a set of corrupt lackies whose agenda is to get the most they can while they can. Should we wonder why the crime wave is like it is with who we have as leaders?

Hats off to The Gleaner for keeping a tab on the crime rate. I only ask that media step it up to another level. What if all media houses join forces to fight? It calls for sacrifice - putting money where your mouth is. It's high time to confront the criminals. Why not drop the 'juicy suss', the bling news, etc., for a few days and seriously send a message? Irie FM, KOOL FM, the 'Miss Kitty Show' and those that have that high listenership, get serious - cut the hype and dance music (What is there to dance and party about?) and get real with listeners.

Media cannot just lay back and just bark when there is a killing. You started something good, continue, and you must not only bark but you must bite.

Wake up, Jamaica! Too much blood running.

I am, etc,

Jasmin Sadler