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Coke affair stinks

Published:Wednesday | April 28, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

The Jamaican people deserve more than the rubbish they are being given by the Government, the Opposition and the media, regarding the (Christopher) Coke affair. The Gleaner carried an article, or letter, a few weeks ago, in which a member of the legal fraternity pointed out that the information in the extradition request came from a wiretap warrant issued by a judge in Jamaica. In that same story, it was said the Government objected to the extradition request because the United States obtained the wiretap evidence illegally, supposedly through a rogue Jamaican cop.

If the US obtained the evidence from a rogue cop, the evidence might very well be tainted.

However, the more important question is, was the wiretap evidence obtained by the Jamaican police as a result of a duly authorised warrant by a sitting Jamaican judge?

Why not arrest?

If the answer is yes, and assuming that there is information that implicates Coke in gun running and other criminal activities, then the next question is, why has the Jamaican authorities not seen fit to arrest Coke for the alleged crimes?

Why are they wasting time dealing with questions regarding extradition instead of prosecuting Coke for the alleged crimes?

Are we to believe that the alleged crimes committed are only crimes in the US and not in Jamaica? Is it not mainly the Jamaican people who would suffer or be killed as a result of the gun running, as one can be sure that the guns were not going from Jamaica to the US but the reverse?

Jamaicans deserve so much more than the garbage they are being fed daily. No wonder there is so much cynicism and mistrust of those in positions of power.

I am, etc,

Yardy Thinker