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Helping those who help others

Published:Wednesday | April 28, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Disabled children: The eldest, Cadaisha, is sandwiched by her brothers, David (top) and Dishon. - File

Hello Mi Neighbour with Maas Gussie

Hi, neighbour! Sometimes we are so busy caring about our own businesses that we cannot hear the voice of the lonely or discern the pain of the hungry and needy. Such is a world where people fend to meet ends.

Oswald Smith is one Jamaican who has, without fanfare, been adding value to the lives of the poor and dispossessed. For more than 10 years, this advocate for kindness has been spearheading fund-raising events for the Society for the Blind, Sir John Golding Rehab, HIV/AIDS support and the street people-feeding programme of the St Andrew Parish Church. The initiative also seeks to raise funds for the Good Samaritan Inn in Kingston, where more than 600 of our unfortunate neighbours are fed daily. This fairly new facility also provides shoes, clothing and opportunities for several street persons to shower daily.


When I spoke with Mr Smith recently, he told me that another fund-raising event will take place at the University Chapel, Mona, at 5 p.m. next Sunday to help raise funds for the Maxfield Park Children's Home, the Good Samaritan Inn, street boys and other charities. Dubbed an Evening of Excellence, presented by the Andrews Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Church, the event will feature an array of singers and musicians, including soloist Franklyn Halliburton.

This neighbour is inviting the others to lend support to this worthy cause. Some of us may never meet some of our needy neighbours but we certainly can help to meet their needs.

Check with Andrews Memorial Church for the ticket outlets.

Television personality Silton Townsend, famous for his role as 'Maas Gussie' in the once-aired local comedy 'Lime Tree Lane', calls Jamaicans to action in helping the poor and dispossessed.

Thanks to these neighbours

Mr James, St Andrew, for purchasing a brand-new sewing machine for Donnett, St Andrew, who needed one to stitch runners as a living.

Christina, St Elizabeth, for offering a computer monitor to Carlene, St Elizabeth.

The following persons for offering to assist the parents of three small children who are unable to walk or talk:

Michael, Manchester

Mr Jeon, St Andrew

Delgado, St Andrew

Steadman, Kingston,

Fitz, Miami, Florida

Mr Bolt, Middle East

Mr Hajani, Montego Bay

Debbie, Manchester

Mr Rainford Wright

Dr Patricia Dunwell

Paulette, St James

Opportunities to help neighbours

1. Shelly Ann, St Catherine, mother of children aged 13, seven and two, is in need of clothing and food.

2. Myrtle, St Andrew, is 76 and in need of a stove. She lives alone.

3. Mrs Anderson, St Mary is unemployed. Her husband is ill and needs to do an MRI, which costs $65,000.

4. Cherry Ann, St Elizabeth, has a five-year-old son with epilepsy and needs medication which she cannot afford.

5. Estriana, Clarendon, is a 69-year-old diabetic who needs a bed.

6. Ms Williams, Clarendon, a mother of six, needs a stove.

7. Naomi, Clarendon, asking neighbours for a bed base. She is a mother of three and is unemployed.

8. Sister Spike, St Catherine, 76, is asking neighbours for a TV.

9. Edna, St Catherine, needs assistance. Her children's father suffered a serious misfortune and cannot help with their six children at this time.

10. Ms Clarke, St Andrew, of the Rae Town Development Foundation, needs clothing for children aged seven to 16. She is also in need of supplies for a homework programme.

11. A neighbour from St Catherine is taking care of four younger siblings whose mother is incarcerated. She is asking for food, clothing and financial assistance.

12. Faith from St Catherine has a husband who needs church clothes. His waist is 31 or 32.

13. Sandra from St Andrew is a mother of eight who is asking for a computer for her children.