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Thursday Talk - hottest topics on the cocktail circuit

Published:Thursday | April 29, 2010 | 12:00 AM

  • Repeated expression

1 The most repeated expression for the week: "What a disappointment!"

  • No tears

2 Expect no tears to be shed for the recently deposed one, as the story is she was instrumental in promoting the dismissal of a number of others, supposedly for their political connections.

  • Woes, woes!

3 Some are laughing their heads off at the predicament the businessman now finds himself in! They say he was largely responsible for getting the current Government elected, and since their election, he has had nothing but woes!

  • Can't touch him!

4 Some are saying if the Government is to survive Harold Brady is now truly "untouchable", so another scapegoat will have to be found, and soon!

  • For sale

5 Financial watchers are saying the landmark and the multimillion-dollar home will soon be on the auction block!

  • Not giving

6 Some in the charity are complaining that more and more in corporate Jamaica are shying away from giving contributions and/or getting involved in worthwhile efforts to prevent more of the young from falling through the cracks and into a life of recidivism.

  • Who is the target?

7 Concerns are being expressed by some of our elder cultural statespersons that there is a worrying trend in advertising, where the majority of ads on the airwaves and on television these days seem to appeal only to the subcultural, not the general population.

  • Traffic, no delays?

8 Some say the absence of traffic on the roads these days in the Corporate Area is due, in part, to the high price of gasolene. The other primary reason, they say, is the large number of repossessed vehicles to be found at a number of car marts!