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Seaview Diageo facelift

Published:Thursday | April 29, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Diageo Northern Latin American and Caribbean team members engaged in planting, repainting, and spending time with the children of Seaview Gardens recently. Children were read to, had their faces painted and built scrapbooks.

Just as important were the overhaul of the community park, interior and exterior paint jobs for the police station, community centre and Seaview Gardens School, and the refurbishing of several bars.

Al Barnes, managing director of Red Stripe, said it was truly rewarding to work with a company and a team that emphasised philanthropy.

"The people of Seaview Gardens are so receptive to our involvement, so it just feels that much better to help," said Barnes.

Installed lighting

In previous months, the company renovated the Elite Basic School and installed lighting in the Human Resource and Community Centre, providing the Marching Band with a safe place to practise.

One of the community's NGOs, St Patrick's Foundation, and LIME, also had team members on hand to chip in. Berger Paints and Sherwin Williams were also major partners.

"It was really gratifying to see the change we accomplished on behalf of the residents of this community. It was some tough work, but I'm glad I work for a company that gave me the opportunity to do this. Our relationship with the Seaview Community Gardens is an ongoing initiative to foster giving back and helping those in need around us," said Sean Thompson, general ledger accountant and team leader for the day.