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Strata Commission to oversee 2,400 residential complexes

Published:Saturday | May 1, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The newly created Commission of Strata Corporations, which
will monitor and oversee some 2,400 strata developments, is now in place.

 Sandra Watson,
general manager of the Real Estate Board said the Cabinet recently appointed
the members of the Commission who had their first meeting two weeks ago.

Commission is being chaired by Jean 'Karl' Vendryes. Other
members include: Elizabeth Stair, head of the National Land Agency and Edwin
Wint, president of the Realtors' Association of Jamaica; Courtney Illgner,
Derrick Hamilton: Constance Trowers; John Leiba; Denise Henry-James; Rollin
Alveranga; Any Levy and John Mais.

Watson will serve as secretary of the Commission.

Letters of invitation were sent out on Monday to the 2,400
strata developments to register with the Commission.

The Strata Commission was set up after amendments to the
Registration (Strata Titles) Act passed by the House of Representatives last

The law was amended largely because of a number of
complaints about the management of apartments and other housing complexes.

Watson in previous reports had said the establishment of the
commission would strengthen the means of collecting maintenance contributions,
which should allow for apartments to be better maintained, hence preserving and
increasing the property value.

The commission will also have available historical records
of the operations of particular strata properties and whether it was being
properly administered.

It will also have broad powers to hold strata executives and
property owners to account.