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NOTE-WORTHY - follow the leader?

Published:Saturday | May 1, 2010 | 12:00 AM

As children, we played a game 'Follow the Leader', where we gathered in groups, chose a leader and did everything the leader did.

Over time, church leaders voiced the opinion that they were totally against casino gambling in Jamaica. However, while listening to the news this week, I heard that the governor general had signed off on the enactment of casino gambling in Jamaica.

Being of the opinion that the Governor General is a staunch Seventh-day Adventist, should I suppose that the Adventists are now regarding casino gambling as OK?

Am I to believe that the Adventists are now for its implementation in Jamaica? How will this affect our society?

Cova Crosdale,

Accountability is crucial

Transparency and accountability are prerequisites for a vibrant democracy andare crucial in ensuring and maintaining public trust and confidencein its institutions and elected representatives. Individuals in modern societies, whether public officials or private citizens, are often called on and required to fulfil andplay many roles for the smooth functioning of society.

These roles and the responsibilities and they entail often intertwine, may run parallel or differ considerably. What, however, remains factual and pivotal is, no matter how many differenthats an individual wears, they all fit comfortably or uncomfortably on one's head. This principle is alsoapplicable to leaders of political parties whether they are in Opposition or in Government.

Daive R. Facey.


As the scrap metal saga continues, we need to look at the long-term implications. It is obviously a profitable business, but why not make it an industry that is beneficial to Jamaica? Instead of stripping our country of metal that is sometimes of questionable origin and selling it, only to have to import metal products for a much higher price, why not create our own smelting plant, perhaps by rehabilitating one of the bauxite plants, and creating our own crude metal.

This way, we could make even more profits from the industry as it would be Jamaican and run.

Dr Rory Dixon

Sir John Golding

Rehabilitation Centre

Kingston 7