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Standpipe chef found not guilty

Published:Saturday | May 1, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Barbara Gayle, Staff Reporter

Supreme Court judge Almarie Haynes freed Theon Nedrick, a 24 year old chef of Standpipe, St Andrew, of charges of illegal possession of a firearm and assault because the prosecution witnesses could not be regarded as credible and reliable.

Nedrick, who is a United States citizen, had said in his defense that the complainant, who was his former girlfriend, had brought the charges against him because of jealousy. He said the relationship ended because he cheated on the her and got another woman pregnant. He said since that time, the complainant had always been tormenting him and his new girlfriend.

complainant threatened

The allegations were that on Christmas Day 2009, the complainant and one of the accused's cousins had an argument near the house where the accused was staying. The accused sent a message to them to stop the noise and the complainant sent a message back to him.

The accused went outside and allegedly accosted the complainant and told her, "Come out of my lane."

He allegedly grabbed the complainant, who grabbed him back. The complainant said after she held on to the accused, he pulled a firearm and threatened her. She said she ended the relationship with the accused because of that incident.

complainant gives in

Attorney-at-law Carolyn Chuck, who represented Nedrick, cross-examined the complainant at length and suggested to her that she was telling lies because of jealousy. The complainant admitted under cross-examination that the relationship between herself and the accused ended long before the incident. She admitted they broke up because of his new girlfriend.

Nedrick was found not guilty of the charges because the judge said reasonable doubts were raised on the Crown's case. The judge also criticised aspects of the evidence given by the investigating officer in the case.