Sun | May 28, 2023


Published:Monday | May 3, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Indifferent students

Are Jamaicans so naïve that they can't see that some students just don't have any interest in learning? This disinterest certainly stems from various reasons, but the fact is some students are just not interested in learning.

Detractors who like to blame educators just need to visit schools unannounced to see what I am referring to. These students, some as young as six and seven years old, have begun to display this attitude. Teachers are encouraged to be creative and many already are. Yet, there are students who could not care less when it comes to learning.

Secondly, there are numerous students who have learning difficulties which the Ministry of Education fails to address. Many Jamaican teachers were never trained in the area of special education and are still expected to teach these children. The end result is usually frustrated students and teachers. This frustration on the students' part usually results in anti-social behaviour and for the teacher, stress.


Wacky deejay sounds

I wonder sometimes whether I am actually hearing what I am hearing when I listen to Jamaican radio and they start playing music described as dancehall. It would seem that many people in the music business are either idiots or under the influence of drugs producing inferior products.

The music is wacky, stupid, and weak, with neither flair nor style. You have these 'bad' voices sounding like they are drunk or demons from a different realm.

Whatever in the world these guys are saying doesn't make any sense. Never in my wildest dream would I believe I would live to hear such foolishness coming out of Jamaica as 'music'.


Bronx, New York

MoBay crime worries

I am concerned about the killings in the tourist city of Montego Bay. Kingston is already a dysfunctional city full of gangsters and dishonest politicians. We must do whatever is necessary to stop this cycle of violence in this tourist mecca.

It's about time Prime Minister Bruce Golding does something before Montego Bay the good becomes the bad and the ugly.

Orville Munroe

Toronto, Canada