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Moms are special

Published:Monday | May 3, 2010 | 12:00 AM

 Crystal Harrison, Features Writer

Mother, God knew what he was doing when he thought of you. A blessing with so much purpose; whether you are a biological mother, a stepmother or a care-giver, whatever your title may be, Happy Mother's Day wishes are in order. Wishing you, mom, on this very special day many happy returns.

Let's just give you a trip down memory lane and bring to mind the many sacrifices you have made and the many ways you keep giving, looking for nothing in return. You have borne so much pain and yet still you are motivated to love and to care for so many. And there were the odd times when things were tough and life became more difficult than you could imagine; yet still you hung in there and didn't frown. You may have probably cried and prayed, but you didn't give up neither did you give in. In what way and how could you ever be compensated for your many sacrifices?

Pillar of strength

You give time, patience, love, attention and affection at no charge. It is your love that keeps many going and it is your care that encourages many to face the daily challenges of this life. What can replace your the hands - designed to guide and to nurture? What can replace your ears - designed to anticipate and discern the different sounds lingering? And what can replace your prayers - that have proven to be the pillar of strength and motivation when it is most needed.

The truth is mom, you are special and nothing can replace you. Words are not enough to express your worth; nor are gifts. Whether an expensive piece of jewellery, a fancy car, or even a house, nothing can match your tender touch and care.

So as the world celebrates this special day, bask in the happy wishes. Breathe a sigh of relief because bringing a child into this world or just nurturing someone is alone noteworthy. And for the many times that you felt that it wasn't worth it, may this day be a reminder that your many sacrifices were not in vain. But instead, were worthwhile contributions to existence of many. Be encouraged, be motivated and inspired to continue loving, caring and all that you do best; because what would life be without your unique touch?

Thank you mom, a million times over and over again, and may your many wishes come true.