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A Taste of Kapalabhati Yoga

Published:Monday | May 3, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Rosemarie 'Pele' Chen shows this participant how it's done. - photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
Pele's Kapalabhati yoga, at Gymkhana recently.
Rosemarie 'Pele' Chen shows this participant how it's done. - photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

Sacha Walters, Staff Reporter

Certified Forrest yoga instructor and massage therapist Rosemarie 'Pele' Chen is giving Jamaicans a taste of Pele's Kapalabhati yoga.

Pele's Kapalabhati yoga is a modern style of yoga which incorporates Forrest yoga, Hatha and Vinyasa styles.

"It helps to prevent injury to shoulder, lower back, knees and hips. So people come with problems already and I teach them how to use the muscles that are good," said Rosemarie 'Pele' Chen of Yogis Are Us, out of Sunrise, Florida.

Forrest Yoga's originator, Ana Forrest, developed this type of yoga which involves intense pose sequences that are taught with compassion. It helps to develop skills in awakening all the senses. Chen has added her own twist.

"People who are weak become stronger," she said.

Chen was born to Jamaican parents in the United States and lived in Jamaica during her childhood, and now resides in Florida.

The mother of one discovered the healing powers of yoga through a personal experience. When she became a massage therapist, she began to experience pain in her shoulders, neck, hands, hips, knees and back. Her massage therapist invited her to her yoga class, and it was a blessing. "I saw my body heal, become stronger, more flexible, with more stamina and stronger lungs, with longer breath!" she said. In conjunction with a change in diet, yoga assisted in alleviating other general ailments for her. "Healing my asthma, cold symptoms, menstrual cramps, headaches!" she said.

Chen conducted classes on April 17 and 18 at Gymkhana, Hilton Kingston Jamaica hotel. She will be conducting more classes May 7 through 9 at Gymkhana, 19 Federal Avenue in Montego Bay. Classes are in the works for the future. However, she hopes to visit London, Canada and The Bahamas and take her teachings there as well.

She advised participants to bring at least 1/4 inch of padding (yoga mats) and a towel because you will sweat. She also recommends that you wear no jewellery or lotion as those may hinder your movement.

The class lasts for approximately 90 minutes.

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