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LETTER OF THE DAY - Good suffer for the bad

Published:Monday | May 3, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

When you review and analyse many things that happen in Jamaica and compare them with other countries, one would realise that Jamaicans are governed by different principles. The good people, who are the majority, will suffer for the few bad ones.

Take for instance the scrap-metal controversy in Jamaica. There are many decent people who are glad for the opportunity to earn some income from waste metal that they would sell. This has helped many to put food on their table. It seemed a good thing and bright prospect for some, but then you have some unscrupulous persons who decide that they can steal metal that is currently in use. This is a heartless practice and perpetrators should be harshly punished if caught.

Gone unpunished

The problem though, is that many of these wrongdoers are not penalised for their actions because the Government does not have in place means and ways to track them. Instead the Government has halted the entire programme. Therefore the many who play by the rules are punished because of those who do their own thing.

I also have a problem with the selling of Air Jamaica because this affects me directly and therefore I am being punished even though I have always played by the rules or should I say because I am underprivileged therefore I was not given the opportunity to enjoy the luxury of flying frequently first class without paying a cent.

Taken for granted

Many of us who used to pay our way because we chose to, will no longer have the privilege of flying on the airline we have enjoyed for all these years. Instead of the Government tightening financial loopholes, it has decided to get rid of it like a puppy. Air Jamaica to me is like family and to me I would not just get rid of my family just like that. I would try everything and get help wherever or, however, to make things better.

The problem with the Jamaican Government is that they don't appreciate what they have. The Jamaican mentality is that we take what we have for granted - the beaches, beautiful mountains, nice weather, reggae music, good soil, and a wonderful culture. But as the saying goes, "cow never know the use a him tail until him lose it."

I am, etc.,


Sebring, Florida