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It's genuine but lewd

Published:Tuesday | May 4, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

What makes any type of art form genuine? Is Michelangelo's David art, or Edna Manley's Paul Bogle genuine? The Fern Gully piece may be way over the top, and I have no clue of what the man may be expressing, except to provide us with a bit of lewd humour, but it is art, and it is genuine; just tap it with a piece of stick and you will see that it is.

But, is it good art? I would not spend a red cent buying anything like this, I simply do not like it. But, if I had money, I would buy the Paul Bogle statue, but not the Emancipation statue, which I find a bit too cumbersome and clumsy, even though I like the controversy and civil debates it generates.

As for the Fern Gully piece, it is what it is, an X-rated, simplistic piece of carved wood that provides some entertaining relief. But it is genuine!

I am, etc.,


Toronto, Ontario