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I support our teachers

Published:Wednesday | May 5, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I totally support the action taken by the teachers to press for retroactive money owned to them. The government must realise that teachers are the backbone of our society and they must be treated with respect. Most of our teachers are very hard-working individuals who have gone the extra mile to ensure that our children achieve their true potential.

Teachers at times have to work under conditions which are not conducive to teaching and learning; I have known teachers who have used their own money to purchase teaching aids and lunch for students, when this should have been the responsibility of the government. Teachers have to be mothers and fathers for our children on a daily basis.

Teachers have the right to take industrial action like any other workers' group in Jamaica. The government must do the honourable thing and pay the teachers their retroactive money.

Our teachers can rest assured that the majority of Jamaicans support their action because we continue to value the invaluable contributions they are making to the development of our country.

I am, etc.,

Wayne Simmonds