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Say no to crack - Say yes to stylish solutions for low-rise jeans

Published:Monday | May 17, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Cover up!
Great fit!
Belt it!

Sacha Walters, Staff Reporter

Picture this. You're sitting
minding your own business while waiting to be served. A woman wearing
low-rise pants comes in and takes a seat in front of you. The sight of
underwear and flesh begins, and for the entire time she's sitting there,
you are privy to a bit more than you would like. You try to look
anywhere but in front of you.

You've seen it or maybe even had it
happen to you, but there are a few strategies you can employ to avoid
those 'crack-exposed' situations.

Get the right fit

Make sure your pants fit properly. Pants that are too loose or too tight can result in a little peep show, especially when you sit.

Wear a belt

Not all low-rise pants, etc., allow you to wear a belt. However, in the event that you can, do so as this helps to keep your pants in place.

Test before exit

Most things go through a test run before they're put into effect. Why not apply this too when you are getting dressed? Do a test run of your outfit. Once you're dressed, sit in a chair and have someone confirm that neither your underwear nor any section of your buttocks is exposed. You can simply glance over your shoulder and check. It may save you some embarrassment and John public from unwanted sights.

Ensure your top is long enough

If you're not sure where your pants may go when you sit, ensure your top is long enough to cover the waist of your pants. If a midriff or medium-length top is your choice, simply follow the above suggestions.

Choose the correct undies

A low-rise thong usually does the trick when wearing low-rise cuts. They rescue you from the dreaded panty line and are not too high where they will peak out once you sit. If you're wearing jeans made of a harder fabric, you might get away with hipster panties, which give you a similar low-rise cut.