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A word to the reverend

Published:Thursday | June 24, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

The Revered Al Miller must be reminded that despite his quite probably good intentions, he and Dudus are not beyond the laws of this land.

I say this as despite the alleged wishes of Dudus to be transported directly to the United States Embassy, Mr Miller had no right to assist a known fugitive to elude the local law enforcers while allegedly transporting him to a foreign land - which is exactly what the US Embassy represents in this instance.

In the circumstances, Miller should have used his influence with Dudus to persuade him that he could not assist the fugitive in breaking the laws of this country as he has apparently grown accustomed to doing in his fiefdom, Tivoli Gardens.

Breaking the law

If Dudus feared walking into a police station, the reverend could no doubt have brokered a private handover to someone in authority whom Dudus trusted, even it were the police commissioner himself. If not, Miller should have held his ground asserting that he was there to assist with a handover in accordance with the Jamaican laws, not to assist an alleged criminal to break those very laws.

Miller must know that the end does not justify the means and his apparent aiding and abetting a known fugitive must be seen and condemned as such, despite his pontifications to the contrary.

I am, etc.,