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Bunting labels Robotham a fascist

Published:Tuesday | July 27, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Peter Bunting, general secretary of the People's National Party (PNP), has labelled Professor Don Robotham a fascist.

Bunting made the comment on Sunday after Robotham launched another broadside at the PNP in a Sunday Gleaner column.

Robotham said the PNP is the party of the lumpenproletariat.

"They did not even have the guts to come out and vote against a state of emergency, to which they were clearly opposed. Instead, they abstained," Robotham wrote, as he lashed the PNP for not supporting a resolution in Parliament for an extension to the state of emergency.

Bunting not amused

But Bunting was not amused by some of the claims the anthropologist made in his article.

"Originally, I was under the impression that Don was a communist. After reading his article today, he is now a fascist. Clearly, his commitment was to totalitarianism, rather than the interest of the workers," Bunting said of Robotham.

Fascists are intensely anti-democratic persons who believe in a one-party state that has one supreme leader. They also subscribe to the view that a tightly controlled economy is in the best interest of nations.

Robotham was a founding member of the Workers' Liberation League in the early 1970s - the forerunner of the communist-doctrine Workers' Party of Jamaica - which made three electoral attempts at entering Parliament but was rejected.