Wed | Jun 7, 2023

No to dumping of JAS

Published:Wednesday | July 28, 2010 | 12:00 AM


I NOTE, with interest, your editorial of Thursday, July 22, captioned, 'Time for the JAS to dump itself'. I also read a previous editorial, in an earlier edition of your paper, in which you posited that same argument.

I need to ask what is informing your opinion. It seems to me that the age of the organisation, and the choice of political party of some of its leaders, form the essence of your displeasure. It is not sufficient to say, and I quote, "the leadership is fumbling - incoherent and absent of a vision for a modern agricultural sector."

Without follow-up detail, to make such a grand accusation raises questions about the factual basis of your assertion. In addition, the dismissive nature of the rest of your article is also full of generalised criticisms, for example: "The current leadership must admit the importunity of the organisation as it now exist and, with outside help, undergo a radical remake." This is a case of a prescription without a diagnosis.

I think a disservice has been done to the JAS, its members and leaders, by the way you have characterised them.

The irony of your article is that it comes at a time when agriculture is the best-performing sector of the Jamaican economy.

I am, etc.,

Osmond E. Welsh