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Has the JLP abandoned Portmore?

Published:Tuesday | September 7, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I listened with interest as the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) recently celebrated its third year in office with its spin-doctors and supporters enunciating its achievements in three years. Noticeably absent was any mention of the commitments to the community of Portmore and any intention to honour any of the commitments made to the Sunshine City community.

From the promises to roll back/reduce the toll rates, the much-touted city/parish status, the Fort Augusta Freeport development, to the basic issues of solid-waste management and vector control, none of these promises have been fulfilled.

What is most galling is the total absence of a JLP presence anywhere in the community. Since September 2007, all JLP constituency offices in the municipality have been closed. There are no caretakers or candidates in any constituency, and of the 11 parish council divisions seven are without JLP representation.

We the people of Portmore must be engaged in meaningful dialogue on community development and other pertinent issues.

I am, etc.,