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After the money fails

Published:Monday | September 27, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Apostle Steve Lyston, Gleaner Writer

Money responds to all things. For any vision or God-given plan to come forth it takes money. Many have died because of a lack of money! Many laws, credit scores, access to other countries, justice or injustice are all tied to money. (Ecclesiastes 10; Ecclesiastes 7:12) The scriptures remind us that money is a defence - a weapon and that it opens doors to great friends. Money grants access, but when the money fails, there is job loss, poverty, increase in crime, violence and hopelessness. As a result, there is no growth within the nation to provide the necessities and eventually there arises security concerns. There is no way we can fight crime if the money fails!

Money is so important, that governments will be voted out when the money fails. Managing the economy is the number one criterion for any administration. As far as people are concerned, it doesn't matter what is happening around them, they don't care - nothing else matters. But when the money fails and they are affected, you will get their attention. They will do whatever it takes when their money fails. People never cared much about global warming and environmental issues, end-time happenings until the money failed.

Money motivates individuals and gives people who have it a certain peace of mind. Call a meeting for important issues and a few will come. But call a meeting regarding the loss or acquisition of money and the place will be filled.

What Leaders Should Know

All economists and national leaders must realise by now that past and current methods they are using to deal with economic issues are merely artificial interference. The old way of managing and addressing the economy are not working. Borrowing money and implementing different economic packages and plans are not filtering down to where they are really needed.

The world has been going through several levels of famine and recession, and the one we are going to experience next is that the money is going to fail. The cash is going to dry up shortly.

What they need to do now is inquire of the Lord as to what has caused this level of famine that we are going through, and what we need to do to correct it. We cannot continue to make speeches about economic theories of the past to address issues that evidently need a new approach.

It is not about which party is better able to manage an economy, but which one is willing to inquire and do the right thing. Pharaoh did! (Genesis 47)

There Needs To Be A Plan

The banks need to change their loan procedures and rethink their usual method of looking at market conditions as the basis of their loan modification system for both individuals and nations. They make decisions that seriously affect all areas of the nation and term it 'a business decision'. If they continue as is, then:

  • We will have a nation of renters - nobody will own properties.
  • Homelessness will increase, and the nation may eventually be owned by foreigners.
  • Schools will merge and many will drop out hence the education sector will be seriously affected.
  • Food shortages will ensue and price hikes will be rampant
  • People will be fighting for jobs and will work for anything
  • Salaries will remain low and workers will be put or remain on contracts. The trade union movement will become irrelevant
  • People will be exchanging their valuable assets and livestock for food/money.
  • The cash for gold push is a sign that the money is failing. Gold is the only item whose value increases during a recession.

The governments of the nations need to enact legislation that 'encourages' these financial institutions to change their policies.

 Apostle Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance and The New Millionaire'.