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Narity set to rock the world

Published:Saturday | October 16, 2010 | 12:00 AM

He has played in Africa, Florida and in the good old backyards and underground parties of Jamaica. But you may recognise Richard Innerarity as three-time Heineken Green Synergy wild card and judges' pick in all three seasons he entered the disc jockey competition.

Despite missing out on the grand prize, Narity has held the faith with a very bright and fruitful Christmas ahead.

How long have you been a disc jockey?

I have been a DJ for nine years, from high school; I was in a crew named Toxic in high school, then I moved on to Bloodline, and now I am on my own.

As a disc jockey, you tend to travel a lot. What has that experience been like?

The experience is great. You definitely cannot place a price tag on any experience.

Where have you travelled to in the last two years?

I have been to Florida, well, mainly South Florida. I went on tour with Denyque and Nadine Sutherland - 15 cities in the United States.

I went to Gabon, West Africa. It was their 50th Independence. It was a wicked experience, the place is a lot like Jamaica as in the scenery, and well, it reminded me of home.

But it was a beautiful place.

Even though you are a well-known disc jockey, most people know or recognise you from your entry in the Heineken Green Synergy DJ Competition. How long has it been, and what was the experience like?

It's been three years. It has been a great experience: getting to meet many other DJs and influential people, pioneers.

Many people were very disappointed by your elimination. What happened?

I had an advantage but I placed myself at a disadvantage by picking the hardest genre of music to play. I know people still disappointed, I'm disappointed too!

What was your relationship like with the other DJs in the competition?

I had a good relationship with everyone. They are cool people to have around, plus we have music in common so lots of vibes.

You have been in the DJ fraternity for a while. Would you call it a family?

Well, in some cases, yes. There are some dudes who are cool and then there are others who aren't, but that is how it is anywhere you go and in all you do. It is a pretty normal family.

Do you have a primary mixing style, and how does that reflect your personal style?

I don't have a primary mixing style, as I like to try new styles and techniques, but I can say that that reflects my style, though. I dress fun and I dress comfortable, but very relevant, befitting the event I am playing at!

Why is it important for DJs to always be style savvy?

As a DJ, you are a package, especially given that most times DJ booths are elevated, so the audience will always, or at most times, be looking at you. Also, mixing your vibe with your attire makes you look even more stylish than the clothes on your back.

Many tend to believe that dancehall has lost its touch in the fashion world. What's your opinion?

I would not say it has lost its touch, but the level of creativity is hardly there!

Who are the three sexiest women in the dancehall fraternity?

Denyque, Tami Chynn and Timberlee (not in any specific order).

What about these three ladies makes them sexy?

Their confidence, and the manner with which they put themselves together is always hot!

If you could give upcoming DJs of today any advice, what would it be?

Do your research and study your music.

- K.B.

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