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Try soy ice cream!

Published:Thursday | January 6, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Deborah Belcher of debz soy ice cream. - photos by Rudolph Brown/Photographer
Debz ice cream is available in 16-ounce and four-ounce containers in most major supermarkets in Kingston and St Andrew.
Debz coconut soy ice cream is perfect on its own, but a little cherry on top won't hurt.
Deborah Belcher says she makes the best stout ice cream in Jamaica. Why not give it a try?

Nashauna Drummond • Lifestyle coordinator

As a vegan, Deborah Belcher's dessert choices were limited to potato or cornmeal pudding. "It was very boring and difficult to find a dessert," she told Food. One day she had a soy ice cream at Livity Vegetarian Restaurant. "When I tasted it, I knew it was a winner." That, along with her difficulty in finding a suitable dessert for her diet, was the inspiration for debz soy ice cream. Besides, this budding entrepreneur were tired of the work world and wanted to be her own boss.

One-woman initiative

She saw the potential and space in the market for this premium ice cream. In October 2010, she branched out on her one-woman initiative and, with a small staff of four, she now supplies her delectable desserts to all major supermarkets in Kingston.

Currently available in; coconut, grapenut, rum and raisin, coconut pineapple, coffee, stout, fulla passion, honey-roasted almond, chocolate and mocha, it's lactose-free and 100 per cent all-natural. She gets her coffee from Coffee Blue and her chocolate from Pioneer Chocolate Company Limited in Manchester.

She prides herself on the fact that her ingredients are all-natural and that her product is 100 per cent Jamaican (except for the packaging), using Jamaican flavours. She started out doing taste testing in supermarkets and realised how many persons had an extreme reaction to lactose, and so they are very happy because, now, ice cream is not something they have to give up.

But she notes that her ice cream is for everyone, so Food put it to the test. The smooth creamy concoction melts in your mouth. Literally. With no preservative and all-natural ingredients, it really does melt in your mouth. It's just as good as the 'regular' ice cream.