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Young Veterans go through tough year

Published:Sunday | January 23, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Hasani Walters, Gleaner Writer

After years of trying their hand at music production, widespread success has only just recently come the way of the Young Veterans group.

Sekou Davis and Sheldon Pennicott have been the production masterminds behind some of the songs we hear on the radio daily.

Getting good results from their efforts last year, the group is taking the same no-nonsense approach and attitude towards their craft this year. Added to this, they also have two artistes, Maverick and Opal, with whom they have been working closely.

The potential which they see in them drove them to invest in their young careers.

For the Young Veterans group, 2010 started in a similar fashion to 2009. Davis used one word to describe it - "challenging".

The loss of studio facilities was an early hurdle for them and production had to be put on hold for about two months. That slowed down their activities considerably.

After the recovery, however, the studio was up and running and was the signal of a good year for them.

This was evident from the successful singles and rhythms from the group. These include Original Yaad by Konshens and Wolf Inna Sheep Clothing by Fyakin and Konshens. Their one-drop 'Dream Dayz' rhythm also got international attention, mainly on the European market.

It featured artistes such as Bugle, Maverick, Perfect, Spanner Banner and Hyah Slyce, among others.

International recognition also came in the form of popular overseas artiste M.I.A. doing a remake of Opal's I Said It for her album.

Compilation album

Last year also saw the production of the Rhaatid album, which was a compilation of successful singles and popular songs from past rhythms.

Their 'Jah Protect' rhythm which was done in the last quarter of the year was by far the most successful, as this was what really put them on the map and opened the public's eye to the group.

The rhythm received much airplay from radio stations such as Zip, Irie and Fame FM, and featured popular artistes such as Chris Martin, Perfect, Maverick, Konshens, Garrizon, Shawn Storm, among a host of others.

The group even got further recognition from being featured in the Backayaad Magazine.

Good Side Of Bad, Perfect's album due for release early this year, was one of the major projects that Young Veterans undertook at the end of the year. The album is still being worked on, the producers saying they will settle for nothing but the best production can bring to the album.