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Age is just a number

Published:Monday | March 7, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Thelma concentrating during her lat pull-down sets.
Thelma exercises At All About You Fitness Studio.
Thelma holds perfect form while she carries out her double bicep-curl set.
A smiling Thelma, says exercising has helped her to maintain great physical health at her age.

Latoya Grindley, Gleaner Writer

Age is really just a number for Thelma Parker. In her 70s, she continues to live a very active lifestyle. With fairly good health, the retiree says she practically does everything for herself. And as part of maintaining her health regime, she dedicates approximately an hour to the gym on Wednesdays. That day, she considers hers.

A member of All About You Fitness Studio for over a year, Parker says her interest in health and fitness started from in her younger years.

"I am always exercising. At an institution where I worked, they had an exercise programme which I participated in. I also did yoga for a while, but I wasn't achieving what I wanted. I also did cycling."

At her age, she doesn't necessarily have any major objectives to achieve through exercising. She just wants to be healthy and to simply look and feel good. Observing Parker as she carried out her gym routine was quite intriguing; her form and execution are extremely impressive. And just from observation, she seemed to be in pretty good shape.

"Just going to the gym for one day a week or being active can make a big difference," she noted in reference to seniors keeping fit.

Approaching her 14th year in retirement, Parker shared that she is a huge sports fan.

"I love sports, and I also think that is one of the reasons why one of my sons became an athlete."

Why should seniors exercise?

According to the online magazine, Medline Plus, exercising and keeping active can:

1. improve mood and relieve depression.

2. help prevent or delay many diseases and disabilities, including some types of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes

3. improve health in the frail or those with diseases that accompany ageing

4. increase strength (to carry groceries, climb stairs etc.)

5. improve balance (to prevent falls)

6. restore flexibility (to speed recovery from injury)

7. build endurance (to walk farther, dance longer)

8. improve quality of life.

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