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Published:Tuesday | March 8, 2011 | 12:00 AM
A section of the view.

The following is feedback received to last week's edition of Roving with Lalah.

Dear Robert,

I felt like I was reading a thriller. You really left me wanting more on this one. Quite a captivating piece. Keep them coming. Great job.

- Marie

Dear Robert,

You are the best.

- Gegoful

Dear Robert,

Maybe you should write some plays because you are able to retrieve the humour from any everyday normal situation. Love this one as well!

- Suechel30

Dear Robert,

It's the same man! While I was home for Christmas and doing my usual yearly business at the tax office, he drove fear into my poor little heart. But I get to laugh at you, because only you can put it into such funny terms. I think my co-workers think I am mad, laughing out so loud.

- Collette

Dear Robert,

Well at least these citizens are making an honest living, in spite of the chaos. Furthermore, it seems the customers appreciate the bargains and items for sale.

- Carla

Dear Robert,

I can't stop laughing. The man never liked the looks of you at all. Figured he needed to keep a very close eye on you. That was hilarious.

- Trstepmcg