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Rename Lady Musgrave Road

Published:Monday | May 9, 2011 | 12:00 AM


When Mr George Stiebel built the beautiful Devon House for use as his personal residence, the governor of Jamaica at the time was Lord Anthony Musgrave. Mrs Musgrave took very strong exception to having to drive past such an upscale residence which was most likely far superior to the house which she and Governor Musgrave occupied.

As a result, the present 'Lady' Musgrave Road was laid down to soothe her ruffled feathers and to put an end to "the insult to her dignity" which Devon House represented to her, since it was built and owned by a black man. The present name of that road is offensive to me and should be to every well-thinking Jamaican, Indian, black, white, Chinese, and all of the wonderful mixtures which make up our 'Out of Many, One People' population.

It is not too late for this wrong to be set right. I am calling on the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation to change the name to George Stiebel Way as soon as the signs can be prepared and erected. If such a step cannot be afforded immediately, a temporary change to just 'Musgrave Road' will be acceptable, until we can set it right in memory of the then racially insulted Mr Stiebel.

There is no place for racism in Jamaica, and to permit this insult to continue for almost 200 years is a living affront to each and every Jamaican, regardless of race.

I am, etc.,