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Sucker for punishment

Published:Monday | June 13, 2011 | 12:00 AM
I can almost guarantee that, come next year, during another rainy period, we will see more pictures like this one, where residents of Roberts Field have to cross the flooded Yallahs Ford in Mavis Bank, east rural St Andrew. - file

The Soloist, Contributor

This week, I have the following things on my mind: This annual flooding of several sections of the island reminds me of predictable seasons such as Christmas and Easter. Unless a miracle happens, I have a feeling we will see a repeat of the same scenes and headlines this time next year. I wonder why the Government does not use the annual Labour Day activities to start the drain-cleaning exercises? Hmm. There's a concept.

The news last Thursday about Elephant Man stealing electricity almost turned me into an atheist. I should not believe in a God who allows some of us to have to pay every kind of tax and bill under the sun, even when we cannot afford it, while the ones who can more than afford it do everything in their power to get away scot free ... most times! At this rate, I will need anger management because I am this close to clobbering someone or tearing apart something in anger.

Some women continue to amaze me. My friend is again begging rides and taking a cab while her man drives her car, for which she is making monthly payments on the loan she had to get to buy it. What can I say except that I cannot comprehend it. Perhaps I have never been crazy in love.

Then there's the exception to this headline of the wife who got so much beating from her loser husband, she took her family's advice and got some more education and reluctantly moved out of the matrimonial home she bought. She was dreading the thought of starting all over again ... alone, when news came that the old John Crow had dropped dead. There is a God, I can forget atheism for now. My only wish is that she had bought millions of dollars worth of insurance on his life during happier times. Were I in her shoes, I would sit on his grave and sip a bottle of champagne while I count my blessings!

Have a warm and dry week, and for Christ's sake, don't throw garbage in the gutters.