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Lock down Fort Augusta!

Published:Friday | July 8, 2011 | 12:00 AM


Fort Augusta prison is where our females are housed for breaking the law, but the facility is not an ideal place for either the prisoners or correctional officers who work there.

The place is rat-infested, and when it rains, it is flooded. For those officers who patrol outside the dormitories, they have nowhere to stay, especially during those rainy nights, and so they end up getting wet.

Now, remember that most of these officers are females. It is full time for the authorities to take better care of our females. Lock down Fort Augusta and find a better location for both the officers and inmates.

I would also like to ask the federation representing the correctional officers to look into this situation and ask the ministry to put something in place either by way of relocation or to have a proper security post and rest area erected to house those officers.



Meadowbrook, St Andrew