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Fun on the high seas with 'Captain Hook'

Published:Sunday | August 7, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Juliet Wallace (left) and RIU's Angella Bennett dance in their chairs at the official launch of the 'Captain Hook' attraction at the Falmouth Pier in Trelawny last Saturday.
From left: Custos of Trelawny, Paul Muschett, twin sisters Sally Porteous and Judy Schoenbein and his wife, Shona, aboard 'Captain Hook'.
Prime Minister Bruce Golding (second left) and Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett (second right) pose with Fernando 'Captain Hook' Corona (left) and Michelle 'Jack Sparrow' Rosales on board the boat 'Captain Hook' on Saturday, July 30.
mma (left) and Rhian Muschett are enjoying every moment of the island's newest attraction, the Captain Hook.
General manager of Captain Hook, Paco Pujol (left) and marketer Zachary Harding atake in the action.
Director General in the Ministry of Tourism, Carole Guntley having a whale of a time.
Melinda Lue (left) and Shannon McClure pose for Outlook.
The island's newest maritime attraction, Captain Hook.

Janet Silvera, Senior Gleaner Writer


The sound of cannons announced the departure of the island's newest maritime attraction, Captain Hook, from the historic Falmouth Pier as locals and visitors ventured out to sea last Saturday night.

Unlike the pirates of old, these buccaneers didn't come to plunder; their aim was to provide wildly hilarious entertainment marking the launch of the Captain Hook attraction in a town that has changed considerably since the arrival of megaliners, horse and buggies and ziplines.

Captain Hook joins the menu of options now available in the 18th-century commercial capital, and there are no doubts this water-themed attraction will do well.

The fun on Captain Hook begins with contests, dancing and a full pirate showcase.

Drama onboard

These same brigands provide patrons with personal service and soft music during dinner on the boat, while Captain Hook, himself, plays chief playmaker entertaining guests with tales of past pirate escapades.

While enjoying the best party in Trelawny, another ship slowly approaches. Cloaked in total darkness, this ship silently glides across the water pulling alongside the boat. Captain Hook discovers the presence of the enemy, shouts for his men to take battle positions, firing cannons as he defends the passengers on his ship.

Pirates armed with swords and pistols jump from the masts landing on the deck where a sword fight ensues between Captain Hook's crew and the other pirates, the attack is enhanced with sound and light effects.

As Captain Hook takes charge of Falmouth, the island's tourism stakeholders have no choice but to welcome this attraction with open arms. It will open nightly from 6:30-9:30 and has a capacity of 300; cost of the attraction is US$90 (J$7,740), all-inclusive, including dinner.