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Campionite cops nine distinctions

Published:Thursday | August 18, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Having secured nine distinctions in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations, Gariel Grant is well on her way to becoming an oncologist.

She gained distinctions in mathematics, English A, English B, Caribbean history, biology, chemistry, physics, Spanish and information technology.

"I worked for it and it is good that my hard work paid off at the end. It is a very good feeling and I am very proud of myself," said the past student of Campion College.

"My study period was intensive, I spent a lot of late nights up studying. It was a period that I had to draw back from my social life and spend time on my books. It was hard to do but in the end it worth it, so I am happy," she added.

Gariel said the results were a relief for her, as she hadn't had a good moment since she completed her final examination early in June.

"I was surprised when I saw the grades but it was a satisfying feeling. I was very nervous leading up to the results. I think I checked the website every other minute to see if the results were there, so getting it was a relief, especially knowing that I did so well," she explained.

Parental support

The academic achievement of the 16-year-old is a direct result of supportive parents.

"My parents always pushed me very hard and they set a very high standard for me and so I worked towards that standard and so they were very influential for me," she added.

She loves reading, watching television and surfing the Internet and they were still a part of her daily life. She confessed that she enjoyed them while she was studying as she made time for recreational activities.

"I think you always need a little joy while you are studying, so I did not give up everything," she said.

The scholar was involved in Key Club, United Nations Club, her school magazine, as well as volunteering for the homework programme at her school.

She said her philosophy - work hard and God will do the rest - acted as a motivation for her.

Gariel credits her parents, teachers and friends for her successes and pledged to continue to do well at the American International School of Kingston where she will be going on to sixth form.

- N.H.