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False-start rule from the pit of hell - pastor

Published:Monday | August 29, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Anastasia Cunningham, Senior Gleaner Writer

Usain Bolt's disqualification because of a false start and Yohan Blake's win was a bittersweet victory for Jamaica yesterday in the men's 100-metre finals of the IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Daegu, South Korea.

Many were hoping for a triple-medal victory in the blue-ribbon event of athletics, with Nesta Carter rounding it out, but instead they were left in shock and awe.

"Yow, Bolt do that deliberate fi gi di yute a chance. Yuh nuh see seh a dat. Low deh man!"an angry young man threw at his friends as they gathered at a shop a few doors away from the Faith United Church of God International on Mandela Terrace, Kingston 11.

"All now me can't believe it. Jah know, star. If Bolt neva do that it woulda be a easy 1-2 fi Jamaica," his friend answered.

An older man responded, "Jamaica a still the best, them can't stop we. Look how dem a try stop we and it backfire. Asafa and Bolt outta di race so dem tink sey Jamaica nah get nuttin. Blake him just wappi back and run wey wid it. We still tek it to dem. Wha dem feel like."

That seemed to silence the argument that threatened to disrupt the church service.

A young lady managed to quell the tempers that were flaring when she elicited laughter with the utterance, "Mi couldn't think 'bout nuttin else after him tek off him shirt. Look how him sexy. Mi wish my man did have piece a dat deh body."

A lesson for all

Inside church, as part of his sermon on second chances, Pastor Charles Francis told the congregation that what happened with Bolt was a lesson to learn.

"As human beings prone to error, we always need second chances. Bolt's false start may now force them to change the rules. Any rule that only gives you one chance is from the pit of hell," he preached.

"The Bible is full of lessons of God giving man chances over and over, so we must practise that in everything we do."

After church, a sister was sharing with her friend the valuable lesson in the importance of prayer for everything.

"You know say when the race about to start, I was about to utter a word of prayer and me tell myself it wouldn't make any difference 'cause Usain must win and look what happen. As of now, me a go pray 'bout everything," she said.