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Find the cup that fits

Published:Monday | September 12, 2011 | 12:00 AM
A demi plunge bra is ideal for A and B cups.
Diagonally seamed bras usually provide more support for D cups.
For C cups, bras with vertical seams maximise volume.

Each week we fit so many women, who are surprised at their cup size. So we thought we would give you a few tips on determining your cup size and band width to make your bra-fitting exercise a more pleasant experience.

First thing's first: a D cup is not the end of the bra alphabet. In fact, a D cup is a tiny cup, bras go all the way up to NN, chances are if you think you wear a D or a DD you're probably a little bigger. The problem is, most popular intimate apparel retail stores do not sell above DD or DDD so it's very surprising to women to hear cup sizes such as F, G and H.

But think about it, a woman can find clothing up to size 26 in stores, why then would only four cup sizes be available to all women?

So let's jump in with our fruits.

The Cherries and Plums

Our friends in the A and B cup range usually require some more fullness to give themselves the ideal look and feel. It's best to try a padded demi bra, or a lightly contoured shaping bra. Women who wear B cups will benefit more from a demi plunge bra, which will give shape and definition.

The Oranges

Welcome to the most popular bra cup size to ever exist, the C cup. You can wear any type of bra, be it sheer, contour, seamless, moulded, the world is your oyster, as you have adequate volume to create the fullness you desire. Try bras with vertical cup seams to maximise volume.

The Grapefruits

Women with D cup have enough fullness, and can wear most bra styles like their friends over at the C cup department. Diagonally seamed bras usually provide more support and maximum slimness. You have it so flaunt it.

Cantelopes, Melons and Jackfruits

If you're above a D cup that is DD and up, welcome to the big leagues, happy to have you! You will require bras with more support. Look for bras with added side support that narrows the width of your bust line. Seamed or cut-and-sew bras will make you look slimmer because you will have greater cup depth, allowing your breasts to 'drop' fully into the cup with no spillage or bone on breast tissue problems.

Bonus Tip

Seamed, multi-section cups direct breasts forward while seamless bras reduce the look of sloping and sagging breasts.

Cup size

First' let's determine your band width. No need for tape measures and complicated math formulas. Just look at your blouse size. For example women who wear sizes 8-10, are generally most appropriate for a size 34 band width.

So start with your band with. For the cup size, start with your old bra. If your centre gore isn't lying flat, your breasts are pouring out at the sides, bottom and top, then you need to go up in cup size, until all your breast tissue is in the cup, all bra bones, are on body bone, and you can see that big 'wire smile' at the bottom of your bra.

Don't worry if you're bigger in cup than you thought. Wearing the right cup size allows your breasts to be fully enveloped in the cup, meaning no spillage, which means you actually look smaller. Try it, it's true.

Here's the blouse chart that many retailers use, though the trained eye of your bra fitter can tell which category you'll fall in the minute you walk through the door.

The key is to use the table and the numbers as guidelines; many women who wear size 0-2 for example are smaller than a size 30 band, and bra manufactures make from size 28 to 56 bandwidths that you can purchase in store. Always remember, back down = boobs up.

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