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Abandon the bread!

Published:Friday | October 28, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Elton Tucker, Assistant Editor - Sports

Guadalajara, Mexico:

Hola amigos!

As a true track and field fan, I have been taking note of the performances of athletes from other countries here at the Telmex Athletics Stadium in Guadalajara.

I am particularly attracted to the athletes from countries from high altitude capitals in South America, like Bogota in Colombia, and Quito in Ecuador. Bogota is 8,355 feet above sea level, Quito is 9,300, both well above Guadalajara, which is just over 5,500.

The women from Colombia, especially, are enjoying the conditions here, and I assume that many of these athletes either train or live in the capital city of their country.

In the women's 400 metres final, winner Yenifer Padilla appeared to be getting more energised as the race went on, as she powered away in the final 50 metres for a personal best 51.53 seconds.


The same was true of her compatriot Maria Oliveros, gold medallist in the women's 400 metres hurdles. While the other women were struggling and had grimaces on their faces over the final hurdle, Olivarios' features were relaxed as she went away from her rivals.

Earlier, in the men's 1500 metres final, Ecuador's Ivan Piedra looked a spent force with a lap to go. He appeared to be dropping back 200 metres from the finish but then came with a terrific late run and was just beaten on the line by Brazil's Leandro Oliveira. The winner clocking 3:53.44 and Piedra second in 3:53.45. A number of other athletes who entered the race with sub-3:40 times were nowhere to be seen at the finish.

I am glad I have just three days left here. I would give anything now to swop 'desayuno a la Mexicano' for some soft-boiled green bananas, yam and sweet potato with ackee and salt fish, callaloo and salt fish or salt mackerel. Even the good old 'bully beef' would suffice.

Right now, I am paying for food which I do not like. Earlier this week, I tried a tortas ahogadas, a pork sandwich soaked in tomato sauce, and had to abandon the bread.

Hasta mañana.