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Church cook-off - Men vs Women

Published:Thursday | December 1, 2011 | 12:00 AM
The men's brown-stew vegi chunks. - photos by Nashauna Drummond
Potato pudding in a country style 'puddin' pan'.
The proof was in the taste of the men's Manish Water.
The men wanted to steal this sweet potato stuffed roast chicken from Tan-an-see in Trelawny.
Good ole blue drawers.
Stewed ribs in ginger sauce from Fat Hog Quarter in Hanover.

It was that time of year again, so everyone ran home as soon as church was over to add finishing touches to their dishes. The occasion? The St Andrew Church of Christ annual cook-off - men vs women.

The prize? Bragging rights. This year's theme was 'Real Jamaican Christmas'.

While the women got the task to produce the best dishes from little-known areas across the island, the men used rural Jamaica as their inspiration, utilising recipes from Grandma.

As the women set their table and began displaying their dishes, the men looked worried. However, they quickly jumped into action. Then the trash-talking started with each side predicting victory.

Occasionally, each team would take a peep at the other's table and then whisper among themselves. It was a heated contest but full of laughter and fun.

The dishes were judged on presentation, taste and originality.

While the women were calm and confident, the men seemed nervous as they awaited the results. However, after a lengthy deliberation by the judges, the men were declared the 2011 champions.

They copped their third victory in the eight-year-long competition, outscoring the women in all three categories. The judges noted that all the dishes were very good, but the men's had that something extra that gave them the edge.

Having dethroned the champions, the men will be bragging for weeks to come and the women may never hear the end of it. The heat is on for next year's competition.