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Azan raps Stern over constituency project

Published:Sunday | December 18, 2011 | 12:00 AM
JLP candidate Michael Stern
PNP candidate Richard Azan

RICHARD AZAN, the People's National Party (PNP) candidate for North West Clarendon, has accused his political opponent of taking credit for his work.

In fiery jabs aimed at Michael Stern who unseated him in the 2007 general election, Azan on Wednesday night said Stern has been a non-performer in the constituency.

"I watch him and they don't have any shame because I personally, with your help, built a number of basic schools and they running a lot of ads now to say that he was the one who construct them," Azan claimed at a mass meeting in Spaldings.

"I see him running advertisements to say he is the one who construct them but I am ready for him, I am ready for him," Azan added.

He told Comrades that under his watch basic schools were constructed in Victoria, Sunberry, Smithville, Sanguinetti and Alston.

But Stern told The Gleaner that he had all right to claim the projects as Azan had merely initiated the building of the schools.

"Paper work don't bring money; ideas don't bring money," Stern said.

"The basic schools were built under my watch. He was trying to get funding for them and I was the one who built them," he added.

Azan served as MP between 2002 and 2007. He won the seat in 2002 by 684 votes but lost it to Stern in 2007 by 933.

The PNP has targeted North West Clarendon as one of the seats it intends to win in the next general elections. With a massive crowd urging him on during Wednesday's public meeting, Azan said he would be working to ensure victory for his party.

no match

He said he would be running the election on his record in the constituency. Claiming to have been instrumental in the establishment of a computer lab in Cumberland, and computer labs in three primary schools in the constituency, Azan says Stern cannot match him.

"That is performance," he said, while also taking credit for the provision of electricity to a number of communities as well as improving water supply to Spaldings.

"I promised the party leader that on the 29 we are going to return North West Clarendon to the People's National Party. And Comrades, with your help, we will deliver North West Clarendon to the People's National party," he said.

"What I am going to beg you, help me comrades to deliver North West Clarendon to comrade Simpson Miller," he added.