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New start-up carrier awaits JCAA sign-off

Published:Sunday | January 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Fly Jamaica Airways' application to fly a daily international service remains under consideration by the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA), a source at the agency said last Thursday.

The start-up airline was expected to commence operations on December 1, 2011, but the JCAA continues to mull over details of its proposal since receiving its application in mid-October.

Concurrently, the airline, which is reportedly founded by Guyanese pilot Ronald Reece, needs approval by a new JCAA board to be appointed following last month's general election.

"The application is still being processed. There is nothing more to say at this point," said a senior JCAA representative who commented on condition of anonymity.

"The process continues but depends on documentation from them. Also it has to be approved by the board and therefore it will probably have to wait for the instalment of a new board."

Fly Jamaica wants to offer flights between Jamaica and Guyana and New York. The JCAA rep said it is the latest airline to apply for such a licence.

The airline applied for a four- year licence to conduct daily flights via two routes: from Georgetown, Guyana to Kingston, Jamaica, and on to New York; and from Kingston to Toronto, Canada, to Kingston and Georgetown.

The airline will operate a 757-200ER which is a mid-size, narrow-body twin-engine jet.

Reece was not reached for comment.

Fly Jamaica is trying to break into the market at the time when other small carriers are struggling. Redjet which entered the market as a low-budget Caribbean carrier announced that it would suspend flights just weeks after announcing that it needed a US$8-million injection.

Redjet suspended 56 flights up to March spanning Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica and Guyana.

Fly Jamaica's business model is unknown.