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Melrose Pusey makes progress

Published:Monday | February 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Patrice Dwyer shows the strokes she uses to massage the arm of Melrose Pusey. - photo by Barbara Ellington

We first published the story of Melrose Pusey last October when she brought to our attention the case of lymphedemia in her right arm. We found a therapist, Patrice Dwyer, who volunteered to treat Mrs Pusey free of cost, and some very kind readers have contributed to transportation and other costs.

Mrs Pusey is making steady progress, but still has a far way to go and very limited resources to live on. She began the year with a bit of cellulitis; she took antibiotics for the infection to subside. Her hand is doing well in spite of the long Christmas break and treatment interruption.

In late January, Mrs Pusey called to tell me she missed therapy sessions due to lack of funds for taxi fare. Patrice set about making contacts for donations to help her. She even approached Jamaica Broilers for baby chicks because Mrs Pusey raises them to supplement her family's meagre income. The padding to wrap the arm is now worn and some new ones would be a big help.

February is looking better, Mrs Pusey can now lie down and put her hand all the way over her head with ease and Patrice can now see clearly under her arm. "The skin is nice and shrivelled and soft; it made my day. If Flair readers can contribute in any way to this needy cause, please contact us at: