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FASHION FORECAST - What men are wearing this year

Published:Monday | February 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Lose the tam and gloves and you will have yourself a well-tailored suit that's ready for a cocktail party. Make note of how fitted the pants are, yet not too tight.
Jazz up your wardrobe with a little colour by adding red pants paired with a sky blue shirt and black and white striped blazer - super trendy!
Lose the sweater for island climate and add a dress shirt for a hot outfit for a semi-formal event. Your blazers don't have to be just black, blue and grey, and this biege-green piece is a must have.
OK, we are not big on turtlenecks. but check out this suit - well tailored and fits the body just right.
Talk about the ultimate classic-chic suit. If you can pull off a look like this, then you know you are in sync with the fashion trends.
Simple yet effective.
The double-breasted suit with a modern twist.

Keisha Shakespeare-Blackmore, Staff Reporter

Nothing gets your heart pumping faster than seeing a handsome man looking sharp in a well-tailored suit.

It is true that men's fashion is quite different from that of their female counterparts and their trends do not change as quickly, especially with suits. Therefore, men can get away with wearing the same suit they have year after year. Of course, they might need to jazz it up a bit with some new shirts and ties, and this year we are seeing bolder, bigger stripes for shirts. The key is that men need to invest in at least three good suits, one that may be worn on formal occasions, another for business occasions and, of course, one for church.

Now men, we know you are not big on exploring new trends and tend to be stuck in your old ways. However, there comes a time when old dogs have to learn new tricks. This year, much like the last, you will see many suits that are slim-fitting (boyishly slim fit).

Skinny and slim fit are the emphasis now. Just ensure that it is not overly skinny or boxy - but instead, think of a suit cut that would appeal to a military officer, one that exudes a sense of masculinity through three key silhouette elements: broad shoulders, slim waist and slim trousers.

This year, come out of your bubble and explore your trendier side. The truth is it takes a man with confidence to wear suits that are slim-fitting, coloured jackets, or even coloured pants and we are not talking navy blue or grey, but more along the lines of purple or olive green, or even mustard. I dare you to be a fashion trendsetter.

For 2012, suits are all about the cut that features the male physique. There is the sleek, single-breasted suit which gives a slimmer fit but also features peaked lapels - bringing back some of that 1930s and 1970s look. Then, there is the return of the double-breasted suit, but with a modern look. Back in the day, double-breasted suits were boxy and were designed to hide imperfections. But now they are designed to accent and to heighten the perfect masculine shape: the V-shaped, well-worked body. Then there is the professor chic look. Remember that university professor or geography teacher who wore that striped shirt with a pinstripe jacket back in the '70s? You may have thought they looked dowdy but now you must marvel at how fashionable that look has become. Fashion headmasters Gucci, Lavin, Salvatore Ferragamo and Roberto Cavalli have all embraced and modernised familiar 1970s tailoring recently. No longer is the look limited to dusty classrooms, but has taken over the runways of London, Paris, and Milan and now has spill over to the streets of the fashion capitals. There's nothing wrong with taking a little trip back in time for a little vintage-style inspiration. Sometimes we get to mix a little old with new to create that fashion balance. Just don't overdo it.