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Tuesday talk

Published:Tuesday | March 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Vision problems

1. Seems there is a glaring lack of supervision of persons in the optical field, judging from the complaints we have heard. In some cases, spanking new glasses are smeared or the depth of the lenses is incorrect and various other problems which have left patients frustrated. One patient complained that three examinations later, she cannot see from her glasses, and all attempts to get a refund have failed. Where is the medical council, she asks.

Keen eyes

2. Now that the CEO has demitted office, workers are watching with keen eyes to see what will happen to the relatives who were never qualified to occupy their current positions in the organisation but were recipients of family benefits - also known as nepotism.

What's up with us?

3. If we review the Ponzi stories of the 21st century, the script will read something like this: Madoff - tried and jailed in the US; Sandford found guilty in the US and sentenced; David Smith found guilty in the US and serving his sentence; Carlos Hill - trial stalled in the courts. Perhaps we need some pointers from the US.

Baby on the way, wife unaware

4. Baby number two is on its way, but wife number one continues to revel in the joys of marriage, totally oblivious of what is happening in her own neighbourhood. Guess time will tell all.