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Invest in a baseball bat

Published:Tuesday | March 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I HAVE reached the stage of wanting to own a baseball bat to severely beat some of these thieves; breaking their arms and legs. They continue to violate the privacy of our homes, our schools, and our livelihood, thinking that we are too weak to fight back.

How many times have you seen a woman being abused, or robbed by a man and not even enquire or find out if everything is alright? How many times have you witnessed a crime against a woman and refused to help?

Enough is enough.

Let me give you some very current information on some of these thieves.

1 If your car is darkly tinted, your car may be the next on their agenda to steal. As I said, forget about the alarm, these are useless to their methods; they even have keys that can open your car and devices that can disable your alarm. They steal these cars and use them for their criminal activities.

2 You hear people say put your purse in your car trunk. Rubbish! If they saw you putting it in there, they only need to smash the window and open it up.

3 You hear people say do not leave your purse in the car, then that would imply you take it with you, so they can grab it, jump on a bike and escape.

4 If you do not want to lose something, do not leave it in your car. Better yet, do not take it on the road at all.

5 Do not drive with your windows all the way down; this makes you an easy target

6 Do not drive with your doors unlocked, if they spot this, they will pounce.

7 You say, I am just running into the store to come back (big mistake), they only need five minutes, maybe less, if they have scouted the area already. Even if there is a security guard assigned to the parking area, render this a useless gesture, these thieves distract the security guard and carry on with their crimes.

8 Study your environment before heading towards your car. If there is any activity taking place beside your car, wait until the persons have gone before proceeding to your vehicle.

9 When you get to your car, get in and close the doors, do not delay with putting the bags in first.

10 When these thieves steal your documents, they will try to make contact with you and sell them back to you. If they make contact with you, it would be wise that you immediately call the police - try calling Protective Services Division.

11 Purchase a baseball bat and learn how to use it. We don't want to kill anyone, just for them to feel a little of the hurt they put us through.

Your life and your valuables are worth protecting, be smart and do not underestimate these thieves. Be aware of things going on around you.

I am a Woman