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'Tricked' by Digicel

Published:Tuesday | March 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM


THE RECENT capture of Claro has infringed on the rights of the Jamaican population. The right to choose has been violated and we have been forced into a less favourable company.

When the merger was first announced, we were told that Digicel would operate both networks independently. This was welcomed by customers, including myself. However, this was just a veil over our eyes. Shortly after Digicel took over the company, we were given a bitter pill to swallow, as it was announced that the Claro network would be shut down. We were, however, made to believe there was some form of gain to be had from this. Digicel unleashed a vigorous trade-in, bonus credit, and unlocking process.

Now, the Claro network has been disabled and Jamaicans are having serious problems using the SIM cards, phones that were unlocked, and the bonus credit given. I had two Claro chips and one of the new SIM cards that I have been given isn't sending any text messages, the phone isn't picking up outside of Kingston and, even though I called Digicel on many occasions to get the problems rectified they remain.

I am not the only Jamaican with the problem. Daily there are many Jamaicans having problem with the service we have been forced into. I am appealing to the Consumer Affairs Commission to launch an investigation into this situation.

Johnoy Davis

Mavis Bank St Andrew