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Vegetarian alternatives

Published:Thursday | March 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Have you stopped eating meat for Lent? Try this recipe this week from Evan Hope of Aconite Oasis.

Stuffed Tofu with Sorrel Sauce


1lb tofu


1 sprig thyme

2 stalks scallion

1tsp ginger

Sea salt to taste

1/2 lb chopped pak choi

1 cup sorrel

2tbs cornstarch


1 Slice tofu in 6 slices.

2 Make a pocket in each slice.

3 Blend half of the herbs and spices and pour over tofu to be marinated.

4 Steam chopped pak choi.

5 Bake or fry tofu, then stuff with steamed pak choi.

6 Cook sorrel juice then add cornstarch until it thickens.

7 Pour sorrel over tofu and serve.

Red Peas Loaf


1/2 lb red peas

1 medium onion, finely


1tbs minced garlic

2tbs fresh parsley, finely


1tsp coriander

3/4tsp cumin

1/2 tsp salt

2tbs flour


1 Boil red peas until tender

2 Combine red peas, garlic, onion, coriander, cumin, salt and pepper (to taste) in medium bowl. Add flour and combine well.

3 Mix red peas, making sure to mix ingredients together. You can also combine ingredients n a food processor. Make in a batter.

4 Pour mixture into a loaf pan.

5 Bake at 350F.

6 Serve with red peas sauce.

Pot Roast Gluten


1/4 lb gluten

1 medium onion, diced

1 medium onion, finely


1 tablespoon minced garlic

2 tablespoons fresh parsley,

finely chopped

1 sprig thyme

2 tablespoons cumin

soy sauce


1 After gluten is cooked, stuff with herbs and spices.

2 Put in the over to roast at 350F.

3 After roasted, cut and serve.

Veggie Balls


1lb veggie mince

3 sprigs thyme

2 medium onion

3 cloves garlic

1 piece celery

2 stalk scallion

Hot pepper

Sea salt

Vegetable oil

Wholewheat Flour


1 Blend onion, garlic, scallion, celery, thyme, hot pepper and sea salt, add salt.

2 Pour mixture into veggie mince and mix well

3 Mix in wholewheat flour as a binder.

4 Form into balls and fry.